Smart Trainer Erg Files

With the popularity now a days of the Smart Turbo Trainer many of our users we asking if we could control there trainer to match the workouts in our virtual ride DVD and Downloads. So we have produced a set of workout files to export that are compatible with many indoor training applications. Workouts can be exported in .ERG file below:


You will want to select an .ERG file if you are using:

Smart Trainer Erg Files

Base Building Success 1 – BBS1.erg

Base Building Success 2 – BBS2.erg

Base Building Success 3 – BBS3.erg

Base Building Success 4 –BBS4.erg

Enter The Lab –Enter The Lab.erg

Time Trial Success 1 –Time Saver Success.erg

Time Trial Success 2 – TTS2.erg

Time Saver Success – Time Saver Success.erg

Virtual Rides Tour of Flanders –TourofFlanders.erg

Virtual Rides Paris Roubaix – ParisRoubaix.erg

Virtual Rides Liege Bastogne Liege – LBL.erg

Virtual Rides Tro Bro Leon – TroBroLeon.erg