The Truth About Lactic Acid

I have recently noticed one of my coached riders mention lactate in there comments on Training Peaks a lot. Comments like “at the start of the session could still feel the lactate from yesterdays session” or “took a while to warm up and get rid of the lactate”. So I thought it would be good […]

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Base Training – Make sure you don’t ignore it this winter!

· B A S E  T R A I N I N G · ⚠️ Make sure you don’t ignore it this winter ⚠️ I see a lot of people these days claiming that base training is dead, and that you are far better off smashing out the high intensity intervals all winter 🤔 Well […]

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Why pay for coaching?

“Why pay for coaching when you can find everything you need on Google for free?” Recently scrolling through Facebook, I read this comment on a thread asking about the cost of a coach’s online services… A perfectly reasonable question to ask inside of the Facebook group… If I’m being honest, there’s some validity to the […]

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