Why pay for coaching?

“Why pay for coaching when you can find everything you need on Google for free?”

Recently scrolling through Facebook, I read this comment on a thread asking about the cost of a coach’s online services… A perfectly reasonable question to ask inside of the Facebook group… If I’m being honest, there’s some validity to the comment. Everything in fitness is on Google. But coaching’s more than knowing the exercise and nutrition ‘secrets’. That’s why “just Google it” doesn’t sit very well with me.

Clicking through to see the replies, I found that I wasn’t alone. It opened up to several responses as to why paying for coaching was a good idea.

Which is why I thought I’d share my thoughts on this, and obviously it relates to cycling however, each one of these points applies just as readily to mentors, teachers, instructors or coaches of any kind. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Pay for A Coach Even Though Everything Can Be Found on Google For Free

#1: To Save Time

The shortest distance between two points is a line. To get from where you are now to where you want to go; hiring a coach gives you the ability to fast-track your success. Instead of stumbling through and figuring things out by trial and error, a coach guides you to your goal. They ensure a straighter line from A to B. 

“Normies, normal people, spend time to save money. But successful people? Successful people spend money to save time.” ~ Giovanni Vincenzo Romaniello

#2: They’re Practitioners 

Any coach worth their salt – or fee – is both walk and talk. They practice what they preach, and they have experience in their field both professionally and personally.

If you’re looking to win road races, your coach should be, you know, actually competing or has competed in road races… And a good coach will have! They’ll understand how real the struggle gets when you’re craving cake you can’t have. They’ll know what it’s like to turn the pedals when the tank is on empty and they’ll get the frustration of an unmanageable power target.

A good coach can empathise because they’ve lived it! They have experience first-hand. They’re practitioners of the craft.

#3: A Personalised Experience

Everything can work. But the trick is finding what works best for you as an individual. That’s where the magic happens…

All that advice you can find on Google can work. Truly. Most of the time, it’s already worked for thousands of people. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work best for you. Finding the tool, tip, trick, or tactic that’ll work best for you in a sea of Google results is hard – nigh on impossible unless you hire a coach. 

A good coach will be able to personalise your experience. Not only giving you what works but finding what will work best for you. Remember, that’s where the magic happens.

#4: They’re Experts

If we’re working under the assumption that a coach is qualified, they know what they’re talking about. They’ve spent years developing an expertise – practical experience, continuing education, conferences and certifications.

Coaches are seasoned experts. Google’s a search engine.

Coaches rely on studying. Google relies on SEO.

Coaches are full of useful information. Google is full of internet truths.

Ever hear that skipping breakfast is not good for fat loss? That you have to eat several small meals throughout the day for the best results? That low weight and high reps is best to lose fat and tone up? That eating after 8:00 pm will make you fat?

You’ll find these internet truths all over. But they’re not actually true.

For a fraction of the time and money they’ve invested into gaining expertise, we can actually work with coaches. Like, one-on-one. Compared to Google, it’s a no-brainer.

#5: To Save Money (Seriously)

Coaches sell results not some quick fix surrounded by nifty marketing and salacious headlines. Yes, it costs a premium but you’re paying a premium for something that works instead of wasting money on countless things that don’t.

#6: Simplify and Translate

Exercise science is, well, a science… Anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, and biochemistry all play rolls in cycling. Trying to truly understand the Krebs Cycle from Google search results? …Good luck.


Coaches are able to take complex science, break it down, and translate it into a language that makes sense to you so that you can take action. 

A coach simplifies science and translates it into actionable advice.

#7: Accountability

Most of us know what we should be doing. We know that drinking alcohol and eating copious amounts of cake isn’t good for us. We know we should get more sleep. We know we should eat our veggies. And we know we should do some sort of physical activity.

But there’s a serious disconnect between what we know and what we actually do.

There’s a simple fix – accountability. 

Did you know that when people send weekly updates to a friend about their goal there is a 40% higher success rate of them achieving it?

A coach is that friend; an accountability buddy.

The best plan in the world is worthless if you don’t follow it. With a coach, you’re not just paying for a workout program. You’re also paying for the coaching. The follow-up. The accountability… And voila! There lies success.

#8: Coaches Genuinely Want to Help You 

Most of the time in health and fitness, you get exactly what you pay for. Cheap supplements are full of cheap ingredients. Free programs are worth about as much. And bargain brand products yield bargain brand results. But coaches are different.

Because they want to help, a genuine coach over-delivers on value.

We’re not sleazy sales people here to swindle you out of your money. We’re here to give you everything you need to succeed, and we genuinely get fired up by helping people, building them up and watching them smash their goals from the side-lines!

#9: Cut the Confusion

I love the internet. I love working online. But the internet makes things confusing! For everything you type into a search bar, you find countless differing opinions.

Nobody’s going anywhere if they’re stuck looking over eleven billion contradictory results Google just spat out.

The key to going anywhere is to simply get started. But with countless ways to do so, that’s much easier said than done. We all need to clear up the confusion of contradiction and distil information overload down to what really matters.

That’s literally what coaches do for a living.

A coach cuts through the confusion and points you in the right direction. That way, you know exactly how to start getting the results you want.

#10: Eliminate Bad Habits

There is no substitute for the impact a coach can have in a live one-to-one session. A coach can immediately spot a flaw in a skill or technique and advise how to correct it, enabling you to become a more efficient athlete and eliminating the risk of possible injury. They can offer specific technical expertise and tactics that can make the difference between you getting dropped or hanging with a faster group ride.

They can develop a tailored training programme focused on specific areas that an athlete may need to improve upon. They can totally relate to what the athlete is going through and will be able to help them overcome any difficulties they encounter along the way.

Looking for A Coach?

After all that, I’d be a bit silly if I didn’t tell you I have a few openings in my coaching programme right now, wouldn’t I? Put everything I just said to the test – apply now and see for yourself why hiring ME is worth it.

Try me… Let me prove myself right! [LINK TO COACHING PROGRAMMES]

Still not convinced? Here is a link to some testimonials from people I have coached – all different ages, different abilities and different goals! 

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