Inspirational artwork / quotes to support peoples fitness.

Think yourself fitter – Power of the mind

One of the most important areas of sports training is the mental and emotional approach. Too many athletes of all levels neglect the importance of training their mind. Very often it is the lack of understanding of what mental-strength training really is that prevents people from reaching their true potential. Mental-strength training, like any other […]

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Winter Cycling Care

Winter Care With modern clothing, equipment and some forethought, you can ride happily through the winter and you’ll emerge next spring feeling a fitter, stronger rider. It’s all about attitude. Bad weather should be seen as a reason to get on your bike – negotiating your way through rain and mud will help you learn […]

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Indoor Cycling Pain Cave

How to Turbo Train

H O W   t o   T U R B O   T R A I N  Sessions on turbo trainers aren’t just about being able to ride in the warm  they are also about improving your cycling… Find your max Knowing your maximum heart rate will help you design accurate sessions. Hook yourself […]

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Making Turbo Training Fun

Making Turbo Training Fun Let’s face it with temperatures plummeting it’s easy to lose your motivation and huddle up indoors. With motivation low you’re thinking that missing a few days’ riding during the winter isn’t going to make too much difference come March, right? However, if, like many cyclists, you find yourself climbing the walls […]

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