10 Week Build Cycling Training Plan



Do you struggle to decide what workouts you need to do and when? Our training plans aim to take out the guess work with your training.

This plan is written for a cyclist that is looking to build foundation fitness (often called “base”).

The 5 day plan is just that, structured training schedule for riders that can commit to 5 days training a week.

The plan is structured with four weeks of training to build training volume and intensity, followed by one week of recovery. This is a five-week cycle format.

Your goal is to workout consistently for 10 weeks to build your fitness. Your main goal is to complete some 80 to 90 percent of the weekly training hours, ranging from 5 to 7.5 in the plan. This is spread out over 5 days which includes core training sessions and structured intervals sessions.

Some of the workouts on the plan use some of the Success Cycling turbo training videos but also have the detailed workout description so having the titles is not a requirement to complete the training.

Sometimes keeping foundation fitness maintained is challenging, so this plan provides you with the framework and workouts to keep or get fit. The plan can be used in the off-season or any time you are looking to get or stay on track.

The training plan will be available as direct download once checkout is complete and is delivered in PDF form. Also includes Welcome Letter, Performance Training Zone Calculator and Training Zone Chart.

Success Cycling videos used in this plan include:

Base Building Success 3

Base Building Success 4

Base Building Success 5

Base Building Success 5

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