winter training

Your First Race

Your First Race Whether it’s your first event ever or just your first race of the year, it can be a stressful occasion – are you fast enough? have you done the right preparation? will you remember everything you need? First timers and seasoned racers are all familiar with the sudden need for a last-minute […]

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Stay indoors – train harder

No traffic to dodge and maximum stability – turbo training effectively allows you to ride harder, stressing your heart, lungs and muscles to their limits, causing better training adaptation and improvements in your physical capacity. A basic turbo plus the addition of a rear wheel-mounted computer can help to quantify your sessions. It will also […]

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Winter Cycling Care

Winter Care With modern clothing, equipment and some forethought, you can ride happily through the winter and you’ll emerge next spring feeling a fitter, stronger rider. It’s all about attitude. Bad weather should be seen as a reason to get on your bike – negotiating your way through rain and mud will help you learn […]

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Hard Road To Cycling Success

HARD ROAD TO CYCLING SUCCESS To train harder you have to know which types of sessions will push you to your max. Here we look at eight different approaches to training to see how effective they are… Here are eight key training sessions, a handful of which will feature on most cyclists’ training plans – […]

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Get fit in 5 hours

GET FIT IN FIVE HOURS Most cyclists can’t drop everything to go out training. Families, work and social commitments can conspire to keep you off the bike, so you need to maximise your time and start training effectively. And we’re going to tell you how… Cycling may well be your greatest passion but it may […]

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Indoor Cycling Pain Cave

How to Turbo Train

H O W   t o   T U R B O   T R A I N  Sessions on turbo trainers aren’t just about being able to ride in the warm  they are also about improving your cycling… Find your max Knowing your maximum heart rate will help you design accurate sessions. Hook yourself […]

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