Pedal Like A Pro

Pedalling is something most people do without even thinking about, but if thats you then you are really missing a trick. Why is good pedalling technique important? Well, correct technique can minimise the metabolic cost of cycling, maximise your power output and minimise the forces that cause injury to your joints, muscles and ligaments. There […]

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Think yourself fitter – Power of the mind

One of the most important areas of sports training is the mental and emotional approach. Too many athletes of all levels neglect the importance of training their mind. Very often it is the lack of understanding of what mental-strength training really is that prevents people from reaching their true potential. Mental-strength training, like any other […]

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Key Cycling Interval Training Sessions to Success

To train harder you have to know which types of sessions will push you to your max. Here are eight key training sessions that should feature on any serious cyclists training schedule. Some of these sessions have less structure than others and which ones you pick to use will depend on your individual goals. If […]

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Jamie Road Race

Strengths and Weaknesses

To succeed at bike racing you need to be an all-round cyclist and need to tread a careful balance between your strengths and weaknesses. Winter is the perfect time to get a clear picture in your mind on what you need to work on to improve. ”Look after your weaknesses and your strengths will look […]

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Sprinting for Success

Having a decent sprint finish is important. The bottom line is that a lot of races end in a sprint. Who doesn’t dream of beating everyone else and throwing their arms in the air – whether it’s on the Champs-Elysées or across a line painted on the road that marks the end of your evening handicap […]

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Jamie Road Race2

Your First Race

Your First Race Whether it’s your first event ever or just your first race of the year, it can be a stressful occasion – are you fast enough? have you done the right preparation? will you remember everything you need? First timers and seasoned racers are all familiar with the sudden need for a last-minute […]

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Stay indoors – train harder

No traffic to dodge and maximum stability – turbo training effectively allows you to ride harder, stressing your heart, lungs and muscles to their limits, causing better training adaptation and improvements in your physical capacity. A basic turbo plus the addition of a rear wheel-mounted computer can help to quantify your sessions. It will also […]

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Winter Cycling

Winter Cycling Care

Winter Care With modern clothing, equipment and some forethought, you can ride happily through the winter and you’ll emerge next spring feeling a fitter, stronger rider. It’s all about attitude. Bad weather should be seen as a reason to get on your bike – negotiating your way through rain and mud will help you learn […]

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Cyclist Sleeping with Bike

Take it Easy, Rest after a Hard Season

After a long season we can all benefit from an off-season break, regardless of the level of competition or training we do. No one can maintain focus and motivation all year round and time off will allow you to return to your training refreshed and enthusiastic. Low level amateur cyclists are often the ones that […]

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Turbo Training Power

The turbo trainer is your friend, not your enemy. Use it effectively and the friendship will blossom… Riders have varying relationships with their turbo trainers. Some see them as instruments of torture to be avoided at all costs; others a necessary evil; while some rare individuals claim to enjoy riding hard and going nowhere. Whatever […]

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