Base Building Success 2 Indoor Cycling Workout Video


Build your Aerobic Base and Endurance with Aerobic Intervals. Aerobic training at lower intensities can be boring, but it is essential for cycling success. In this workout you will be guided through a series of short HIT (high intensity training) Intervals that are aimed to build your aerobic base.


Base Building Success 2 indoor cycling workout video for turbo training.

We’re back to build your aerobic base and endurance with high intensity intervals to help you achieve outstanding fitness.

This workout video is great to take away the boredom from your indoor cycling training sessions.

In The Sequel workout you will be guided through a series of intervals, including high and low cadence technique drills to help improve your pedalling efficiency and build muscular strength. Then we head into some Hit intervals at lactate threshold and Vo2 Max where you are dropped into the professional peloton at the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under in Australia. (

This is a perfect workout for winter indoor cycling sessions on those cold dark nights.

Super-efficient HIIT training is the ideal session for anyone with a busy schedule. Whether you want to squeeze in a workout during your lunch break or to get in shape for a fast-approaching event. Research shows you can achieve great progress in as little as 30 minutes of interval training (done three times a week).

Approx 1 Hour 13 Minutes run time,  in MP4 file format.

Download has on screen dashboard which displays suggested Intensity, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power Zone, plus on screen prompts and also features workout music to add to your enjoyment. The download version also includes a copy of the workout video without added music so you can play alongside your own choice of uplifting beats.

These indoor cycling trainer videos are compatible with any make of indoor turbo trainer or rollers, so are suitable for any set up which you have.

To download once payment is made please go to My Account on the Success Cycling website and click on the link in the Available Downloads Section.
DVD version of Base Building Success 2 is available at
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